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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Review of Encounters With the Kellys [Sharon Hollingsworth]

Recently I did a book alert about "Encounters With the Kellys: A Plea for Freedom from Dan and Ned Kelly" by Delta Shannon in which I said I was going to order it. It has arrived and I have had a chance to read it and would like to give a review of it here after I put the synopsis/blurb for it from the publisher's website that I had put in the previous alert (just to refresh everyone's memories):

“I first met Dan Kelly in a museum gift shop …”

So begins Delta Shannon’s journey of discovery with Dan and Ned Kelly. For five years after that first meeting with Dan, her life would be consumed by the Kellys, as she channelled their spirits. Together, they now work to share this message, as well as the truth about the Siege at Glenrowan, with the public.

Dan and Ned Kelly speak here, to and through Shannon. They want people to know that their spirits are earthbound, that they are restless and angry, and that they no longer wish to be bound to this plane. Somewhat ironically, it is the iconization of their name and legacy (not to mention the merchandising of the Kelly name) that keep them from achieving peace, and they want it to stop.

The people of Australia can release Dan and Ned and allow them to go beyond the higher realms and heal their souls. In Encounters with the Kellys, Shannon lets the men share their side of the story and shares how modern-day readers can help these two trapped souls find rest.

Their message is clear: They are lost. They are in pain. They want to be free.

Go to the link below and click on "Free Preview" to read the introduction to the book that gives so much more.

Ok, let me start off the review by saying that this book might not be for everyone. I know that some out there will think this book is maybe all just baloney, or a scam/hoax, or a product of someone's overactive imagination or what have you. Maybe these scoffers/unbelievers should not bother with it if it will annoy them that much (or maybe they should give it a chance to change their outlook?). But to others with an open mind and open heart to the things of this world and beyond, then this book and its message may resonate with you.

The book is a slim one with around 76 pages (the first section is Roman numeralized). The text covers 39 pages with the final pages (40-63) showing the actual images of some of the automatic spirit writing that is transcribed in the first part.

Both Dan and Ned Kelly have their say, so to speak, about many things through the author Delta Shannon in this book (she has "As channelled by Delta Shannon" on the title page). A couple of the things regarding the death of John 'Red' Kelly and something that they allege happened to their mother at the hands of the Victorian police gives me a bit of a pause, but sometimes things are open to different interpretations, so I just went forward past all that.

Moving on there are very many things in this book that are heart wrenching and thought provoking. If you have gone and read the introduction to the book at the Balboa Publishing site linked above you will have an idea of what the book contains and what the tone is. I was very interested to hear that Dan Kelly wants the whole family buried together, that no one escaped to Queensland (as many of us have always said!) and that it was he, Dan, who did not trust Steve Hart, not Ned like has been said elsewhere. Dan weighed in about the archaeological diggings in Glenrowan and in particular about the finding of a certain bullet and how he is "sick of the 'so-called legend' being kept alive for the sake of making money and Australian tourism." I also found of interest Ned's take on how the Victorian police were always targeting them even before the formation of the Kelly gang and about the English vs Irish type of racism they suffered under. Ned told how he kept many things back from his brother Dan who he claimed was a "worrier" and he says that "my spirit needs to be released, and all the while they keep rehashing the past and keeping the lie alive, I cannot and am unable to rest in peace, or Dan for that matter."

Dan Kelly had the most plaintive plea:

"People nowadays keep the legend alive by putting us down continually. Please, I ask, let it go so we can be released. It's forgiveness that we seek, and understanding.......Recognise us for what we were; not villains and thieves, but martyrs and soul men, loving the animals and the bush. Why were we not just left alone? My soul will never rest in peace until this becomes such. To be at peace with one's self is to recognise the truth, and as the superficial tourists know not what this means, I wish to make it quite clear to leave us alone and continue no more to rape the Kellys' name of their dignity and pride..."

I am glad that I discovered this unique little book, it gives one much to ponder on!

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