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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Article Alert: Last Man Standing (about Ian W. Shaw and his new Glenrowan book)

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In the Sydney Morning Herald of April 22, 2012 there is an article called Last Man Standing, which is about the author Ian W. Shaw and his new book "Glenrowan: The Siege that Shaped a Nation."

The article begins with:

There have probably been more films, plays, songs, nonfiction books and novels written about Ned Kelly than any other Australian in history.

So why would a Canberra civil servant who works in the federal Attorney-General's office think we needed another volume about the country's most famous criminal?

''I've always been intrigued by Ned Kelly,'' says Ian W. Shaw, 61.

''Not Kelly himself so much as the siege at Glenrowan."

''Everyone knows a little bit about the siege but no one ever seems to know the full story....''

Read more:

(I beg to differ on the bit that says "no one ever seems to know the full story" as there are quite a few of us out here that have made the siege somewhat of a focal point of our long-term studies and have accessed much of the research/archival material he talks about in the article. But, yes, admittedly, there are many who will be very well served by the book to educate them on the finer points of the Kelly Gang's Siege of the Glenrowan.)


  1. Is this book accurate though? I am half way through reading it and I can't help wonder where he got his detail from. Thoroughly enjoying it so far but in the back of my mind I wonder how accurate it is.(and why I've never read such detail before).

    LOVE your website!!!

  2. I don't have the book yet, but from what I understand the author used a lot of primary sources such as the Public Records Office of Victoria, the Royal Commission Report, contemporary newspapers, and so forth to gather some of his facts (there should be a bibliography at the back of the book listing all of his sources). As I mentioned in another post he even used an article I wrote on Jane Jones as a source (and, of course, in that article I sourced out where I got my information from). I suppose that some of the information that Ian W. Shaw gives is new to many as his entire book is about the siege versus how other books only devote a small section to this element of the Kelly Gang's saga. I am looking forward to one day reading it for myself!

    Thank you for your compliment on our blog. :)

  3. I'm happy to send you a copy as a "thank you" for your efforts with the web site Sharon (I know you are in the U.S.) I did look at the bibliography. I guess up until recently I have only ever read Ian Jones' books. I went to Beechworth last year(actually ran into Mr Jones in the main street and got him to sign my book!). I also visited the home in Greta(from the side of the road) and it was at that time that I thought to myself that my opinion of Ned Kelly is not my opinion but Ian Jones! So I started my own attempts at research. It's not easy!! Hence why I am impressed with your site! Keep up the good work and let me know if I can help out in getting a copy to you!


  4. That is great that you had such a good experience in Beechworth and got your book signed. It is always important to look beyond what some books have and get to the sources that they used (and beyond). Sometimes you can find really interesting more in depth stuff that was not included that gives a whole new slant to things. Also many more avenues of research are opened. That is what Brian and I have been doing with this site, looking at things in depth and at different angles. We need to get back in gear soon, I think we set a bad precedent by putting new stuff every week last year, it is hard to keep up the pace! :)
    That is very kind and generous of you to offer to help me get the book (hey, I think the publisher ought to do it as this site was the first Kelly one to say be on the look out for it, we probably helped make a few sales for them!). I don't want to cause you too much expense, I am thinking the postage would be really high for such a big book! You can write me at


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