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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peter FitzSimons mentioned me on the radio! [audio link added!]

On Wednesday November 6, 2013, Peter FitzSimons gave a radio interview on ABC radio in Melbourne wherein he mentioned me and my contribution to his new book "Ned Kelly." I first found out about it at the Ned Kelly forum where someone posted about it and then I got an email from my friend, the writer Paul Williams alerting me to it. Then Bill and Carla Denheld sent me a WAV file of it and I was so very humbled and gratified to hear myself being spoken of in such a glowing manner. I never have considered myself an expert, but if others do, hey, run with it! Make hay while the sun shines! (Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love! Been the same since the beginning of time, why should human nature change now?) Anyway, I am not sure of the morning show name or the hosts (was Jon Faine show), but it was on ABC 774. I don't yet have a link (see bottom of page for the link just added) to share for everyone to hear it but I did transcribe the pertinent part here after listening to it several times. It is as close as I was able to get it as he spoke so fast and had so many run on sentences (I was not quite sure where to put the punctuation, maybe I should have done like Joe Byrne and just transcribed it with none?) -
Peter FitzSimons said:

" mentioned your American background [spoken to the lady host]...the thing that just stunned me when I was doing first it didn't surprise me that Victoria is awash with Kelly experts amazed me a bit that there is oh  not enmity between them but there is certain divisions between the Kelly people about how it was and exactly the detail of it...
what stunned me ..was that they all grudgingly say there's one person, one person who, actually, well she's the expert, she's the one that actually knows more than any of us.
Who is she? 
A woman called Sharon Hollingsworth.

Where does she live? 
North Carolina. Never set foot out of North Carolina in her life.
 Fantastic woman.
So I give her a manuscript with 2,000 footnotes that's been vetted by six experts and my researchers and we go through every sentence, can we do it? can we prove it? whats the document? and you hit every sentence with a hammer does it sound hollow is there any chance that this detail  is not correct? Anyway so after the six Kelly experts had vetted it, there's particular experts in each field there is a legal expert, there is Bill Denheld, who is the expert on Stringybark Creek,  there is not enough hours in the day for Bill to think about Stringybark Creek...and then when I finally give the whole manuscript to a woman in North Carolina though I am confident that there is not a mistake it it , three days later it comes back here are the 25 errors and I check them and she's right and I was able to correct them in time.
It is a function of the modern age that someone living in North Carolina could possibly be more expert on Ned Kelly than anybody who ever lived apart from Ian Jones....."

Here is a link to the audio of the program - 

Also see  for yet another transcription of an interview Peter FitzSimons did in which I was mentioned.

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